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Embrace the Power of AI: 10 Easy-to-Use AI Tools for Beginners

Discover user-friendly AI tools for beginners. Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence without complexity or technical expertise. Get started today!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now becoming a "hot topic" as tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT showcase how powerful and capable it is becoming. The new generation of "generative" AI tools has proven that the field is no longer limited to research but is gradually being applied in various aspects of life and work. AI has not just been the latest "viral sensation," but it is an irreversible trend. AI tools have evolved into something that anyone can use to change how they perform many everyday tasks, in a more efficient and convenient way.

AI Tools for Beginners

By using AI-powered tools, we can automate certain basic tasks to make our work easier and faster. Additionally, these tools can provide insights that were previously inaccessible, helping us make better decisions. As of 2024, there are many different types of AI tools, each with its unique functionalities. Some can help with data retrieval and analysis, some with predictions, some with taking actions based on data, some with generating content instantly, and others with creating videos, among other things.

Selecting the right AI tool that suits our needs is crucial, as not all AI tools are the same; some may be better suited for specific tasks than others. Therefore, before deciding which AI tool to use, make sure you understand what it can and cannot do, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different tools in the same category. To help you understand how to use these AI tools correctly and efficiently, we have compiled this article introducing 10 free AI tools for beginners.

What Exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence is commonly defined as a computer program's ability to independently learn and make decisions based on data. This encompasses tasks like object recognition in images or videos, natural language understanding, and executing planned actions.

The term "intelligent" refers to the capacity for learning, reasoning, and planned action, which aligns with the concept of Artificial Intelligence or AI. AI, in contemporary usage, revolves around machine learning—a system of software algorithms that continually learn and improve, becoming more adept at specific tasks. It involves creating intelligent machines capable of thinking, learning, reasoning, and problem-solving, leading to groundbreaking products that transform daily life.

With various AI tools and programming languages available, the latest generation of AI allows people to apply it to virtually any task they can imagine. The ultimate goal of AI is to create machines that emulate human cognitive abilities, elevating efficiency, productivity, and overall quality of life. This article will explore some popular AI tools and provide guidance on how to start using them.

Top 10 AI Tools of Different Usages for Beginners

There are numerous remarkable AI tools that come into being as no surprise. In this article, we will share a selection of useful and free AI tools specifically tailored for beginners.

1. For Writing: Notion.ai

Notion.ai is a valuable AI writing tool that enables users to produce high-quality content without the worry of plagiarism. It offers assistance in various stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, revising, and summarizing information. Users can specify their writing requirements, whether it's for a blog article, social media post, press release, job description, or even poetry creation. Notion.ai also provides helpful outlines for any topic or theme, making it a versatile and efficient aid for content creators across various domains.

For Writing - Notion ai

Main Features of Notion.ai

  • Notion AI offers a rapid summary generation feature for your Notion pages, which can be particularly useful when you need to create conclusions.
  • Utilizing Notion AI can enhance your writing clarity, and language accuracy, and even adjust the tone of your content.
  • Notion AI is capable of generating checklists, tables, and other actionable elements directly from your text.
  • Whether you need a summary of the entire page or specific sections, Notion AI can handle both scenarios efficiently.

2. For Videos: Lumen5

Lumen5 is an impressive, free online AI video creation tool equipped with various user-friendly features that streamline the process of video production. With its beautiful themes and diverse formats, it allows users to easily create videos suitable for multiple social networking platforms. Utilizing AI, Lumen5 transforms your input text into a complete movie sequence, incorporating relevant photos. Additionally, the tool offers a unique collection of images and video clips that you can integrate into your final production.

Free Online AI Video Creation Tool

Main Features of Lumen5

  • Lumen5 offers the ability to enhance your movies' uniqueness by incorporating logos, watermarks, and typefaces.
  • With comprehensive analytics and insights, Lumen5 allows you to monitor the performance and effectiveness of your videos.
  • You can seamlessly upload your movies to popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, thanks to Lumen5's direct integration with multiple social media networks.
  • This AI tool for video also provides editing tools, enabling you to fine-tune and enhance your movies according to your preferences.

3. For Arts: DALL-E 2

OpenAI is the creator of a remarkable technology capable of producing realistic visuals and art based on natural language descriptions. One of their notable achievements is DALL·E 2.

DALL·E 2 stands out as one of the finest AI image generators available, and the best part is, you can experience it for free. Simply input a text prompt, such as "an oil painting of a monkey in a spacesuit on the moon," and the AI will work its magic, striving to generate an image that matches your imaginative idea. It's an incredibly enjoyable tool to use, producing unique and lifelike photos and artwork that subtly bring your words to life. By blending qualities, ideas, and aesthetics, DALL·E 2 brings digital pictures into existence like never before.

DALL E 2 - AI image generators

Main Features of DALL.E

  • DALL-E 2 generates high-resolution images, often reaching up to 1024x1024 pixels.
  • Depending on the input word prompt, DALL-E 2 can create visuals that are frequently unique, peculiar, or entirely novel.
  • With remarkable precision, DALL-E 2 can produce highly accurate and coherent visuals based on verbal descriptions.
  • This AI image generator also supports image inference, enabling you to input a picture and receive a corresponding textual description of the image's content from the model.

4. For Audio Splitter: Lalal.ai

Lalal.ai is an excellent stem separation tool, specifically designed for beginners, that allows you to extract distinct stems from audio files, isolate music, and remove vocals. This free AI tool, accessible through your browser, empowers you to separate vocals, drums, instrumentation, bass, and more from tracks that lack stems or from your favorite songs that you wish to remix or use for non-profit Soundcloud or YouTube releases.

While YouTube is a common source for free studio acapella, the quality may sometimes be compromised, with artifacts present in the vocals or instrumental. This is where AI audio splitters like Lalal.ai prove invaluable. By utilizing vocal remover tools, such as Lalal.ai, you can create your own DIY studio acapella without significantly sacrificing audio quality. Additionally, you can generate acapella for songs that aren't available online, as long as you have the track downloaded.

For Audio Splitter Lalalai

Main Features of Lalal.ai

  • Lalal.ai provides a vocal removal function that allows you to isolate or eliminate vocals from an audio recording.
  • With the assistance of AI algorithms, Lalal.ai offers a range of automatic audio editing features.
  • The platform's user-friendly interface caters to both novice and expert users, granting easy access to a variety of audio editing tools.
  • Lalal.ai supports real-time audio editing, enabling you to preview and modify your audio as you apply different effects and manipulations.

5. For Photos: AI Image Cleaner Cleanup.Pictures

Cleanup.Pictures is an excellent AI tool catered towards beginners, specifically designed for photo editing. This AI Image Cleaner offers a range of powerful features for removing various elements from pictures, such as people, watermarks, and blemishes, ensuring remarkable results with the precise distinction of elements.

With this AI Photo Cleaner, you can effortlessly edit photos to remove undesired elements like people, flaws, and objects, achieving the perfect image using the inpainting technique. Even for beginners, this app remains user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive interface. Notably, the developers have included a practical selection brush, allowing customization through different shapes and sizes for enhanced outcomes. Moreover, the cleanup process leaves no blurred spots, ensuring a clean and polished final result.

AI Image Cleaner Cleanup Pictures

Main Features of Cleanup.Pictures

  • With Cleanup.Pictures, you have the ability to remove undesired backgrounds from your photographs effortlessly.
  • Leveraging AI technology, the tool is capable of recognizing and eliminating undesired items or distractions present in an image.
  • Moreover, the tool can analyze and modify image properties, enhancing the overall visual quality.
  • Cleanup.Pictures offers customization options, empowering you to fine-tune the automatic alterations according to your preferences.

6. For AI Voice: AI Voice Generator MURF.AI

MURF.AI is an advanced text-to-speech engine that enables users to create natural-sounding synthetic vocal recordings in 15 different languages. With this versatile AI voice generator, you can seamlessly integrate the output into automated marketing and voiceover creation processes, making text-to-speech conversion a breeze.

AI Voice Generator MURF AI

Simplifying voiceovers using AI, MURF.AI provides a simple DIY online tool that allows you to generate ultra-realistic voiceovers from text and perfectly synchronize the timing with videos or presentations. The platform offers a curated selection of over 100 high-quality voices across 15 languages, catering to various use cases, including eLearning designers, YouTubers, Podcasters, Software & App demos, Marketing & Advertising, IVR phone systems, Audiobooks, Games, Product and explainer videos, Corporate Learning, and more.

Main Features of Murf AI

  • Murf AI is capable of generating voiceovers directly from text, making the process seamless and efficient.
  • With its ability to generate a diverse array of speech types and accents, this AI tool proves to be highly versatile for content development.
  • Using advanced algorithms, the Murf AI Voice Generator analyzes the supplied text to determine the appropriate tone and structure.
  • Additionally, Murf AI allows users to customize and personalize the voice by adjusting speech settings to suit their specific preferences.

7. For Video Creation: Synthesia, #1 AI Video Generator

Synthesia.io is a groundbreaking AI video creation tool that enables users to transform text into speech and create professional videos within minutes. As a pioneer in AI video technology, Synthesia utilizes artificial intelligence to generate captivating videos effortlessly. It serves as an exceptional AI video generation platform for companies, transforming mundane documents, PowerPoints, or PDFs into engaging training, marketing, or how-to videos.

Synthesia NO 1 AI Video Generator

With Synthesia AI, there's no need to hire actors, set up cameras, or record in a studio. Instead, you can use ready-to-use AI avatars and voiceovers to create explainer videos. The platform supports over 100 languages, allowing for easy editing and updating of videos whenever necessary. It's a valuable tool for marketers and bloggers seeking to avoid the expenses and time investment required for recording high-quality videos.

Main Features of Synthesia.io AI Video Generator

  • Text-to-Speech Conversion: Transforming text into natural-sounding speech for video narration.
  • Professional Video Creation: Facilitating the creation of high-quality and professional videos.
  • AI Video Technology: Utilizing artificial intelligence to generate videos efficiently.
  • Multilingual Support: Supporting over 100 languages for global accessibility.
  • Ready-to-Use AI Avatars: Providing pre-made AI avatars for use in videos.
  • Easy Editing: Allowing seamless editing and updating of videos.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various video types, including training, marketing, and how-to videos.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Saving costs compared to traditional video production methods.

8. For Avatar: Fotor AI Avatar Generator

The Fotor AI Avatar Generator App is a web-based AI art generator that can add a unique touch to your images. Whether you want to enhance your photos or add artistic flair, Fotor AI Generator proves to be an excellent tool. It uses artificial intelligence to create stunning artwork and text, transforming your pictures into eye-catching visuals.

Fotor AI Avatar Generator

Fotor applications are available for download on major mobile devices such as Android and iOS, as well as desktop computers. The program is user-friendly and packed with features, making it accessible to even those with minimal experience in graphics editing software or AI-based programs.

Main Features of Fotor AI Avatar Generator

  • This AI tool Utilizes advanced AI technology to create stunning and unique artwork from images.
  • It adds impressive and visually appealing text to enhance photos and designs.
  • Conveniently accessible online, eliminating the need for downloads or installations.
  • Available on Android, iOS, and desktop computers for versatile usage.
  • Easy to navigate, making it suitable for users with various levels of experience.

9. For Image: Background Remover Removal.ai

Removal.ai: An AI-powered background remover, quickly isolates foreground pixels, creating transparent images. It offers customizable options, enabling users to edit and change backgrounds effortlessly in real time. The platform also provides API integration, reliable customer support, and optimization for various use cases.

Background Remover Removal ai

Removal.ai, an AI background removal tool, automatically detects subjects, creating clean cutouts in real time. Its photo editor allows users to add texts, flairs, or utilize other editing tools. With a scalable API integration and expert customer support, it streamlines image editing tasks effectively to suit individual needs.

Main Features of Background Remover Removal.ai

  • AI-powered background removal
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Real-time subject detection
  • Scalable API integration into various applications and platforms

10. For Video: AI Video Background Remover VEED.io

Veed.io, the largest online video editing platform with a remote team. Aims to create the best online video platform for creators and marketers.

One of its hot AI tools is the best AI video background remover for creators and marketers! With this AI tool for beginners, you can easily replace a video background with an image or color. Use another video as the background. Also, you can even use another video as your background—perfect for creating marketing videos, ads, and promotional videos! 

AI Video Background Remover VEED io

Main Features of AI Video Background Remover VEED.io

  • Powerful AI-based background removal for pictures and videos
  • Customizable replacements, replace the background with an image, color, or another video
  • Eliminate unwanted noise from your video effortlessly
  • Ideal for creators and marketers
  • An easy-to-use platform for seamless video background removal and edit

The Bottom Line

These 10 beginner-friendly AI tools open new horizons for everyone. Embracing the power of artificial intelligence has never been easier. From simple image editing to automated video creation, these tools enable you to explore AI's potential without any barriers. Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, or hobbyist, these accessible and user-friendly tools allow you to dive into the exciting world of AI and create innovative solutions for a better future. Start your AI journey today and unlock limitless possibilities!