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2023 Top 8 Best Free Text to Video AI Generators

Free AI video generators to turn text to video online in minutes. Turn text to video with AI for Business, YouTube, Product and more. Try free!

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Free text-to-video AI tools can help businesses and individuals create high-quality videos quickly and easily, with no hassle and less cost.  Videos can explain complex topics, make content more engaging, reach a wider audience, and build brand and authority. Traditional video production methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. That's why text to video AI creation methods are becoming more and more popular in 2023. 

VEED Talking Avatar

AI-based text-to-video creation approach revolutionizes efficiency and craft high-quality video creation with less time and cost. Want to take the leap into AI video creation for your projects? How to choose the right AI video generator and how to use it to produce videos from text easily? Check below.

3 Types of Text-to-Video AI Tools - Select the Best for You

As you can see, there are text to video AI tools focusing on different intentions. You should decide which kind of content you want to produce and what the AI text to video generator can do for you. Mainly, here are the three popular types of tools in this sphere.

1. Generate AI script overlay: Such an AI video converter will generate and add text overlay to a ready-made video or a video template.

2. Create video from text description: By typing a rough description of a scene, the text to video AI converter will generate a video matching the text.

3. A tool to make talking avatar videos: This kind of AI text to video generator allows you to choose an avatar from its library and create AI spokesperson videos with perfect lip-syncing from your text.

The third type is the most popular text to video content nowadays. Now check the following tools to easily convert text to video with no effort.

The Top 8 Text to Video AI Converters for All Your Needs

Now, follow this post to find the 8 best AI text to video generators in 2023. It gets all the 3 popular types above covered.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is a leading AI video platform that transforms your video creation process to be faster and more productive. As an advanced text to video AI creation tool powered by AI, Synthesia has a diverse selection of realistic AI avatars to carry out high-quality voice narration. More languages are also included in the Synthesia library. Whether you want to convert text, PDF, email, or presentation to dynamic and interactive video versions, this platform will give you support.

Synthesia Text to Video


  • Super-fast and smooth text to video conversion process
  • Personalized avatars support beyond its 125+ AI avatars
  • 120+ languages and 400+ voices
  • Over 50 video templates for personal and business usage
  • Built-in screen recorder, editor, and sharing options

Pricing: $30/month for Personal and Tailored plan for Enterprise

2. InVideo 

InVideo is a cutting-edge AI text-to-video generator, revolutionizing the world of video content creation. This innovative platform empowers users to transform written text into engaging, professional-quality videos. With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of templates, music, and media assets, InVideo simplifies the process of producing captivating video content.

InVideo Text to Video AI

InVideo's AI-driven capabilities include automated text-to-speech conversion, real-time video previews, and intelligent design suggestions, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced creators. Whether for marketing, education, or entertainment, InVideo opens up new horizons for dynamic video creation, allowing users to bring their ideas to life effortlessly.


  • Text-to-Video Conversion: InVideo transforms text into engaging videos with AI-powered automation and customization.
  • Vast Media Library: Access a rich repository of media assets, templates, and music for dynamic video creation.
  • Intelligent Design Assistance: Receive real-time design suggestions and editing guidance for professional-quality results.
  • Text-to-Speech Integration: Seamlessly convert text to speech with natural-sounding voices for enhanced narration.
  • User-Friendly Interface: InVideo offers an intuitive platform suitable for both beginners and seasoned video creators.

Pricing: InVideo offers a range of pricing plans, including a free option, a Business Plan (approximately $20/month billed annually), an Unlimited Plan (around $60/month billed annually), and custom enterprise plans.

3. Kapwing - Convert a Short Text Prompt to a Video

Kapwing is well-known as an integrated online video creation platform. It has recently launched a text to video AI tool that can convert a short text prompt to a creative video. You only need to enter a rough description on the video you want to get, and Kapwing will quickly process the text and export a consistent video. This platform is also a smart video summary tool with the ability to turn documents, essays, and long scripts into video content. Designed as a modern AI video creation tool, Kawping is how you can transform instant text ideas into video forms.


  • Create videos from rough text description
  • Make an insightful summary video with long scripts
  • A rich set of video editing tools
  • Massive stock of video templates, visual elements, and other related items.
  • Record screen, camera, and audio in one place

Price: Free plan, $16/month for Pro, Custom plan for Enterprise

4. Elai.io - Text/URL/PDF to Video Generator

The web-based AI video generator introduces an efficient and fast solution to video presentations by turning text into a real human narration. You just need to type in your text in the text area and select an AI avatar coherent with your topic to get a fully narrated video. Elai.io also includes an AI storyboard for video script creation and supports blog post URL and PDF presentation to video conversion.


  • Video templates for business use cases in different industries
  • Automatically convert text from blog posts and presentation files
  • Support customized avatars with your own photos and voice
  • Over 25+ free default AI avatars

Pricing: 1-minute free trial, $23/month for Basic, $80/month for Advanced, and Custom corporate plan

5. Heygen

By adopting natural language processing (NLP) and AI technology, Heygen is widely deemed a go-for platform for text to video AI generation. You can start with a video template in the library to turn plain text, blog articles, and emails into engaging AI avatar videos. Heygen lets you apply a massive list of AI narrators and perform voice narration in different languages. Better still, this text to video AI converter offers lots of visual frames, images, stickers, and icons that you can add to personalize the video. The platform is easy to use. Beginners without editing experience can use it to export quality videos.


  • Convert text to AI video in MP4
  • Over 80 avatars are available to speak your text
  • 20 languages along with 200+ voices are supported
  • Users can customize the appearance of videos
  • An additional text to photo tool

Pricing: 1 minute free credit/month, $24/Month for Essential, $180/Month for Pro, Customized Plans.

6. VEED Talking Avatar

If you want to turn text into engaging videos for social media sharing at the lowest cost, VEED Talking Avatar can be the best suitable text to video AI free tool for you. Like Synthesia, this lightweight AI video creator is from VEED but emphasizes creating an interesting AI video with lip-syncing. With VEED Talking Avatar, you can animate a photo with a talking mouth and let it read anything you type in. This tool also offers a few photos that you can use directly to create a video. It flavors your photos with more vitality and changes text to be attractive in the form of video.


  • Convert text to video & create AI talking head in MP4
  • Support local portrait photos and images
  • Real human voices in various languages
  • Speed up or slow down video freely
  • Free to use & no ads

Pricing: Free

7. Pictory.io

Pictory.io is well-suitable for people who want to generate videos with long-form text-based content. It can perform quick processing of the scripts you typed in, blog articles, press releases, HTML articles, and other visuals. This text to video AI creator will automatically generate text overlay and add it to your video or a video template from its library. You can choose from different AI voices or change the voice-over by recording yours and auto-sync it with the entire script. A smart editor is also inserted on the platform, by which you can cut highlights or any portion of a video when creating text-based AI video content.


  • Support scripts to video, articles to video, and visuals to videos
  • Built-in video editor to cut video segments, add subtitles, and do more editing
  • Intelligently detect the highlights of a video and generate a new clip
  • A good collection of video templates

Pricing: $19/month for Standard, $39/month for Premium, Custom for Enterprise

8. Wave.Video

Wave.Video boasts that it offers an easy and fast way to turn text into videos by virtue of AI generation. Like Pictory.io, this website helps you create text overlay videos from your text or blog posts. Visuals and scripts of the generated videos can be customized on the Wave.Video workplace dashboard. It will also recommend relevant visuals based on your text.


  • Selectable aspect ratio from Horizontal, Square, Vertical, and Story
  • Quick video sharing feature to send video via email, embed videos on pages, and upload videos to social networks.
  • Support HTML embed codes
  • Video analytics tool to track your video performance
  • Download videos to local drive
  • Video hosting platform

Pricing: Free, $16/month for Streamer, $24/month for Creator, and $48/month for Bussiness

FAQS on Text to Video AI

What is the best free text to video AI tool?

Most text to video AI converters launch a free plan with a watermark embedded. When it comes to the best free AI video creation, VEED Talking Head is a great solution. It is totally free without intrusive elements on your video.

Can I create an AI avatar of myself?

Yes, Elai.io and Synthesia enable you to create AI avatars with your photos.

Can AI turn text into video? 

Yes, AI can turn text into video. 

There are a number of AI-powered text-to-video tools available, such as Synthesia, Heygen, and Synthesia introduced in this guide. These tools can generate videos from text, so you can simply type in your script and the AI will create a video for you. They can also add talking avatars, animations, and other visual elements to your videos.

How to convert the script into video AI? 

To convert a script into a video using AI, you can use a text-to-video tool like Synthesia or Synthesia. These tools allow you to upload your script and choose a template for your video. The AI will then generate the video for you in minutes. But notice that Synthesia is completely paid for use.

The Bottom Line

This article walks you through the best text to video AI converters in 2023. These tools have their own focuses for different text-based video creations. Want to do a quick text to video conversion? You can now go with Synthesia to make it happen immediately.