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15 Best AI Talking Avatar Creators for Your Videos in 2023

Looking for the best AI video avatar generators? Check out the list of top 15 best AI Talking Avatar creators that let you create customizable avatar videos easily.

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AI has significantly impacted our lives, simplifying complex tasks and enhancing various aspects of business. One essential aspect of business today is the use of video content, which is highly preferred by most people for its engaging and informative nature. If you aim to expand your audience and improve engagement, incorporating video content creation is a must.

AI-powered talking avatar creators offer an excellent solution for this purpose, enabling the creation of professional videos within minutes, without the need for a physical presenter. These avatars possess realistic appearances, movements, and speech capabilities, eliminating the requirement for webcams or human actors. In this article, we will explore some of the best AI talking avatar creators for your video needs.

AI Talking Avatar

What Exactly are AI-Talking Avatars?

AI-talking avatars are computer-generated virtual characters capable of speech based on user inputs. Their ability to generate speech dynamically distinguishes them from conventional avatars that rely on pre-recorded dialogues.

Developers often model these talking avatars after real individuals, using their voices and looks as references. As a result, the avatars appear more natural and lifelike, rather than being artificial and stiff, as is the case with traditional computer-generated characters. Then, is there an AI talking avatar generator free? Keep reading.

Business Use Cases of AI-Talking Avatar

The versatility of AI talking avatars from photos allows them to be employed across various fields and serve different purposes. Below are some of the most prominent use cases:

#1. Enhanced Engagement

Businesses utilize talking avatars to boost audience engagement. Given the audience's preference for video content, integrating a hyper-realistic AI avatar humanizes the content and captivates the viewers more effectively.

#2. Virtual Assistants

Major businesses employ talking avatars as virtual assistants to guide users through their services seamlessly. These avatars can provide answers to customer queries and deliver personalized assistance to enhance the user experience. Moreover, they often support multiple languages, catering to users worldwide.

#3. Digital Health Services

AI avatars have found practical applications in digital health services. Healthcare organizations employ talking avatars to address patients' health-related questions, as well as provide information about insurance and billing. Additionally, these avatars offer administrative support to streamline processes.

Benefits of Using an AI Talking Avatar over a Real-Life Presenter for Videos

When you choose an AI presenter for video presentations, several advantages become evident:

• Elimination of actors, crews, and studios reduces production costs and saves time.

• AI-generated videos can be easily updated or revised within minutes, which is impractical with real human presenters due to time and cost constraints.

• The availability of numerous languages and voices through AI allows for more appealing content to a broader audience.

• Post-production and video editing become significantly simpler with AI talking avatars, enabling effortless adjustments and creating various versions of the same video.

Quick Overview: Comparison of the Top 15 Best AI Talking Avatars

AI Talking Avatar Creator

Supported Languages

Custom Avatars

Free Trial






Starting at $22.5/month




1 minute

Starting at $29/month

Rephrase AI



2 free credits 

Starting at $25/month




5-minute trial

Starting at $5.99/month




Free plan

Starting at $30/month




14-day trial

Starting at 29 EUR/month


Not specified



Starting at $9/month





Starting at $28/month

DeepBrain AI




Starting at $30/month




15-day free trial

Starting at $9.96/month


Not specified



Starting at $99/month


Not specified



Not specified


Not specified


Free plan

Starting at $3.99/month




Free plan

Starting at 75 EUR/month


Not specified


Free plan

Starting at $5.99/month

15 Best AI Talking Avatars in 2024

Here are the top 15 AI talking avatar creators available for your video creation, including AI talking avatar apps, online AI talking avatar, free AI talking avatar, and pro AI talking avatar. Now, check them one by one and select the one you prefer most.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is a powerful tool that creates hyper-realistic talking avatars without the need for professional actors. By simply typing in your text, Synthesia effortlessly generates high-quality videos within minutes. It supports over 120 languages and offers a selection of more than 140 avatars. 

Synthesia Talking Avatar

The AI technology used by Synthesia AI ensures that the avatars display human-like facial expressions and movements, making the videos appear natural and relatable. Paid plans start at $22.5 USD/month.

2. Elai.io

Elai.io provides a wide range of AI-generated presenters that users can choose from to create professional videos. If you prefer a personal avatar, Elai.io can customize one for you. The tool currently offers 25+ avatars and is exceptionally user-friendly, making it accessible to users with limited technical knowledge. 

Elai.io AI Talking Photo

You can try it for free for one minute, and if you like it, premium plans start at $29 USD/month.

3. Rephrase AI

Rephrase AI is a leading Asian company specializing in synthetic video creation, utilizing AI text-to-video software for professional human avatar videos. Forbes 30 under 30 Asia featured its founders, making it a company with promising potential.

Rephrase AI Talking Avatars

Rephrase AI empowers users to design marketing campaigns with custom digital avatars of brand ambassadors. Personalized AI videos target specific customers with tailored ads. Unlike Synthesia or Yepic, Rephrase AI focuses on creating avatars of real human beings, including celebrities and influencers. However, specific pricing plans are not publicly available, and interested users must contact the company to discuss their intended usage.

4. D-ID

D-ID allows users to easily create photorealistic AI avatars using text or audio input, supporting over 100 languages. This tool simplifies the process of generating high-quality video content for various purposes like marketing, tutorials, and more. With D-ID, content revisions and updates are hassle-free, saving time and effort. 

D-ID AI avatars

They offer a 5-minute free trial for 14 days, and the paid plans start at just $5.99 USD/month.

5. HeyGen

HeyGen is an AI video generation platform that offers 100+ customizable avatars and over 300 voices in 40+ languages. Users can combine multiple scenes into one video and easily share them on various platforms. 

HeyGen AI Video Avatar

They have a free plan with limited features and 1-minute credit, along with monthly and annual paid plans starting at $30 USD/month and $24 USD/month (billed yearly), respectively.

6. Yepic.ai

Yepic AI is a highly regarded AI text-to-video creator with a satisfied customer base. It allows you to effortlessly generate AI videos featuring human avatars. With over 60 languages and more than 480 voices available, users have extensive options for customization. Additionally, the platform enables users to create videos with talking photos, offering 50 different faces to choose from, or the option to upload their own.

Yepic AI text-to-video creator

With Yepic, you can create a diverse range of content, including sales videos, prospecting videos, presentations, video chatbots, tutorials, welcome videos, and more. The platform's key features, such as human avatars from various ethnicities, multiple languages and voices, talking photos, and custom avatars, make Yepic one of the best AI avatar video platforms. Moreover, Yepic offers a 14-day free trial in the Standard plan, allowing users to explore and experience the power of creating multilingual content at scale.

7. DemoCreator

DemoCreator is a versatile tool for creating video presentations, whether it's tutorials, marketing videos, or gaming content. With its built-in video editor and effects, producing professional-looking videos becomes effortless.


DemoCreator's pricing starts from $9 USD/month and $45 USD/year.

8. Colossyan

Colossyan is an exceptional AI video avatar platform with high-quality avatars and support for over 70 languages, each with unique accents. It offers advanced video editing tools, including background music, images, animations, shapes, and transitions, along with the ability to convert PowerPoint presentations and PDFs into videos using royalty-free images from Pexels.

Colossyan AI video avatar

Key features include text-to-speech software, 30+ premium avatars of different ages and ethnicities, custom avatars, language support for 70+ languages, auto-translate, auto-subtitles, and screen recording for tutorials. You can customize the part of the Avatar, just the head, or to the shoulder, or the body. Pricing plans range from a free-forever option with limited usage to Basic and Pro plans with more features.

9. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI offers a collection of over 100 native AI avatars in 80+ languages, allowing users to create realistic and natural-looking videos from text scripts in just 5 minutes. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, catering to beginners as well. 

DeepBrain AI native AI avatars

Pricing starts at $30 USD/month (monthly) and $24 USD/month (yearly).

10. SitePal

SitePal helps users create engaging video content with AI virtual characters, enhancing audience engagement with a personalized touch. With over 250 avatars to choose from, users can utilize text scripts, audio, microphone, and voice talent to generate AI videos for various online communication purposes. 

SitePal AI virtual characters

They offer a 15-day free trial, and the paid plans start at $9.96 USD/month.

11. Aivo

Aivo allows users to humanize their content by creating lifelike avatars for professional-looking videos. The Video Conversational AI feature automates video queries, offering personalized service. Their pricing starts at $99 USD/month.

Aivo AI Talking Head

12. Animaze

Animaze allows users to create animated avatars for videos, providing a unique and standout approach. Compatible with webcams and iPhones, the tool supports platforms like Discord, Zoom, and OBC. Users can choose from a wide collection of premade base models, including animals, humans, and objects, unleashing their creativity. Animaze offers a free plan with limited features and also has monthly and yearly paid plans starting at $3.99 USD/month and $19.99 USD/month, respectively.

13. VideoPal

VideoPal is a platform that creates talking avatars for websites with 2D and 3D avatars in 24 languages, using text-to-speech animation. These avatars are embedded as videos, providing users the flexibility to play them anytime, making the website more dynamic and entertaining.

VideoPal talking avatars for websites

The platform's developers have focused on customization and visualization, offering a level of convenience for users. Alternatively, users can record themselves and use their voice as a voiceover for the animated avatar. VideoPal is available for a one-time purchase of $39, granting lifetime access and a 30-day cancellation option. It works on all devices and operating systems.

14. Scena.ai

Scena.ai streamlines video content creation with its 45+ built-in AI avatars. Simply type your script in over 60 languages, and the AI algorithm will generate a synthetic video within a minute. Additionally, Scena.ai can even turn a still photograph into a moving, talking avatar with ease. They have free and paid plans, with the latter starting at 75 EUR/month.

15. Voki

Voki is an AI video creation tool designed for students and teachers. Students can use it for classwork, homework, or assignments, while teachers can monitor student progress and create interactive learning environments. The tool offers a wide collection of avatars, including humans, animals, and anime characters. 

Voki AI video creation for students and teachers

To be honest, this AI avatar generates tool is really not easy to use. Due to their promotion that really attracted me, I tried it out. After trying it out, the experience is very poor.

They offer a free plan with limited features, and the paid plans start at just $5.99 USD/month and $49.99 USD/year.

The Bottom Line

Discover the top AI talking avatar creators for your videos and create mind-blowing content in minutes. No filmmaking expertise is needed. Just choose your avatar, script, language, background, and shapes, and your video is ready.

While human avatars can't replace real actors in certain situations, they are perfect for marketing, explainers, presentations, and training videos. AI video creators are likely to become more prevalent in the future. Share your thoughts in the comments. Read about the best-animated character creators for your business next.