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Unlocking Cost Savings: How to Buy Cheap TikTok Coins and Support Creators

This article provides tips on acquiring TikTok Coins at chepaer prices, ensuring a cost-effective way to support creators and enhance your TikTok experience.

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TikTok Coins is a virtual currency that can be used on the TikTok platform. Users can appreciate and support their favorite creators by purchasing and recharging TikTok Coins. These coins can be used to buy virtual gifts that can be given to other users as a token of love and support. TikTok Coins can also be converted into real currency as a source of income for creators, which drives them to continue to create high-quality TikTok videos. TikTok Coins act as a bridge between creators and users in the TikTok community, connecting and motivating them. Then, where to buy TikTok coins? How to get cheap TikTok coins

How to Buy Cheap TikTok Coins

Why Get Cheap TikTok Coins

The pursuit of cheap TikTok Coins by people is driven by their desire for economic benefits. They hope to obtain more value and enjoy more entertainment at a lower cost. As TikTok is a widely popular social entertainment platform, people aspire to gain more attention and recognition within it. Purchasing cheap TikTok Coins enables them to engage in more interactions on the platform, thereby increasing their exposure and influence, getting more video views and followers, and ultimately attracting more fans and social capital.

How Much Are TikTok Coins

The value of each TikTok coin averages around 1.4 cents globally. However, the actual cost varies based on factors like purchase quantity, country, and platform (mobile app or website). The most common way to buy coins is through the “recharge” option built into the app. The following lists the different prices for purchasing TikTok coins in countries with a large number of TikTok users, including the US, UK, Korea, Brazil, Canada, and Singapore.

Price of TikTok Coins in Different Countries

TikTok Coins







70 coins

$ 0.74

£ 0.75

₩ 1100

R$ 3.65

CA$ 1.09

SGD 1.09

350 coins

$ 3.7

£ 3.75

₩ 5200

R$ 18.05

CA$ 5.43

SGD 5.35

700 coins

$ 7.4

£ 7.45

₩ 10400

R$ 36.05

CA$ 10.85

SGD 10.69

1400 coins

$ 14.8

£ 14.85

₩ 20800

R$ 72.15

CA$ 21.65

SGD 21.35

3500 coins

$ 37

£ 36.99

₩ 52000

R$ 180

CA$ 54.1

SGD 53.35

7000 coins

$ 74

£ 74.29

₩ 104000

R$ 360

CA$ 108.2

SGD 106.69

17500 coins

$ 185

£ 185.69

₩ 259900

R$ 902

CA$ 270.55

SGD 266.75

Notice: Currently, you can not buy TikTok in India, so there is no price checking in India. If you do want to use TikTok in India, you can use VPN for TikTok in India and change your IP to TikTok-supported countries. 

An interesting observation is that TikTok provides significantly lower prices for purchasing coins when accessing the platform through a web browser on a computer, compared to buying coins directly via the mobile app. The official also clearly told you so. So how much cheaper is the desktop end?

How Much Are TikTok Coins

The table below compares the price difference between desktops and mobile in the United States.

TikTok Coins


US - Mobile

Mobile minus PC

70 coins

$ 0.74

$ 0.99

$ 0.25

350 coins

$ 3.7

$ 4.99

$ 1.29

700 coins

$ 7.4

$ 9.99

$ 2.59

1400 coins

$ 14.8

$ 19.99

$ 5.19

3500 coins

$ 37

$ 49.99

$ 12.99

7000 coins

$ 74

$ 99.99

$ 25.99

17500 coins

$ 185


How to Get Cheap Coins on TikTok

How to Buy Cheap TikTok Coins

So as you can see, buying TikTok Coins on your desktop is indeed much cheaper than on mobile. The more you buy, the more you save. This part presents three effective methods to buy TikTok coins at affordable prices, enabling you to maximize your TikTok experience without breaking the bank.

How to Buy Cheap TikTok Coins with 3 Methods

Method 1. Buy TikTok coins with your web browser. 

Aftering discovering the cost-saving advantage of purchasing TikTok coins through a web browser on your computer, now, you should complete the purchase on your computer instead of your mobile phone.

Method 2. Take Advantage of Promotions. 

Stay on the lookout for TikTok's promotional offers, discounts, and special deals on coin purchases. Learn how to spot these opportunities and make the most of them to buy coins at lower prices.

Method 3. Making use of third-party platforms. 

Explore alternative platforms that offer TikTok coins at discounted rates. Or alternatively, use a VPN free to change your country locations and buy TikTok coins at a cheaper price.

By utilizing these three methods, you can acquire coins at more affordable prices.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing cheap TikTok Coins can be a cost-effective way to enhance your TikTok experience and support your favorite creators. By following the tips mentioned in this article, such as utilizing third-party platforms, taking advantage of promotional offers, and being mindful of changing countries or IPs, you can save money while acquiring the desired TikTok Coins. However, it's essential to exercise caution and ensure the legitimacy and security of the platforms you choose. Remember to enjoy your TikTok journey responsibly and within your budget while fueling your creativity and engagement on the platform.